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What does an American birthday celebration include? – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

One of the most important things to celebrate is your birthday, and we all know the kind of celebration we want to have. However, the question is how much of our birthday do we really want to spend with our family and friends? In this post I will tell you what you can expect at different ages.

Our readers may have different ideas of what a birthday should be like, depending on how old their child is, but there are some simple ideas that many moms agree on.

Birthday parties for kids can be a fun way for families to celebrate their birthdays, but they can also be stressful. Here are some tips from a group of new moms who attended their first baby’s birthday party.

Heather had the notion to write about how people celebrate their first birthdays all around the world. Korean first birthday customs seem to be the most popular among our real-life friends. I once attended a reception where the infant was dressed in a traditional Korean hanbok and put in front of a variety of symbolic items. Whichever object the infant grabs for is believed to foretell his or her future path: financial success if she reaches for a dollar, plenty if she reaches for food.

Korean first birthday celebration

I began to consider how I would explain American birthday traditions if I were not familiar with them. Here are some of the habits I’ve come to take for granted:

  1. Purchase presents for the child’s birthday and wrap them in paper.
  2. Balloons and/or streamers may be used to decorate for a celebration.
  3. Invite visitors to celebrate with a delicious treat, but only after the birthday kid has blown out the candles on the goodie.

Do these three customs encapsulate the American birthday tradition? What more is necessary?


Julian’s third birthday celebration was a few days before Halloween, so Holden’s costume and the little pumpkin carving activity we performed in the garden were inspired by that.


Is it difficult to keep things so simple?

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