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Water Toys for Toddlers! 5 Ways to Have Fun in the Sun! – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

Are you looking for water toys for your toddler that are safe yet fun for all ages of your kids? Take a look at this list and you’ll find great options for your little one.

It’s getting hot outside and kids of all ages are having fun playing in their pools and water parks. But what about the little ones who can’t reach the water? We’ve handpicked 5 best toddler water toys to keep them cool and have fun outdoors. Here are our top picks:

Toddlers are fun, and they need toys to keep them entertained. One of the most popular types of toys are those that are water-based, like pool toys, water guns, and water puzzles. These toys are great for helping children learn about the water and practicing skills such as motor skills, muscle strength, and coordination. When it comes to keeping your toddler entertained, there are a number of water toys that can help them stay active and be active. These are great for encouraging physical activity and improving overall health. If you want to know more about these kinds of toys, consider reading on.

Playing with water toys is the greatest way to cool down during the hot summer months. Your child will like running around in a swimsuit, getting everyone else wet in the process! Summer enjoyment is made simple and pleasant with water toys. The best part is that they inspire you to spend time outside with your child and get some Vitamin D. Table of waters, sprinklers, pools, splash parks, and splash pads are among the five types of water toys available for toddlers. These aren’t only for toddlers; they’re also entertaining for the entire family. 


All of these water toys for toddlers may be utilized in a backyard of any size and need very little equipment. Because filling a pool or operating a splash park or pad needs being connected to a water source, most people will need a garden hose or an outside water supply. To keep children safe, every water-related item should be carefully watched and supervised. To make sure you’re prepared, read our water and pool safety guidelines for toddlers.

water toys for toddlers

The 5 Best Water Toys for Toddlers for Fun in the Sun

Water table

Water tables are popular among families and schools because they are a fun water play for toddlers that helps with sensory problems and improves hand-eye coordination. A water table is a water-filled interactive table. Toys such as scoops, buckets, and floating bits are available to most of them. Many include elements like as waterfalls and interior parts that fill with water, allowing water to erupt out in various places.

A water table is one of the finest water toys for toddlers since it allows children to develop independence, practice autonomous play, and splash about in a safe environment. Water tables may be utilized inside, but you won’t find one in my home! This is a dirty and wet pastime, but that’s part of the fun of summer! 

The Water Table of Our Choice

water toys for toddlers!

Step 2: Rain Showers Splash the Water Table in the Pond

Step2’s Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table is a brightly colored plastic table with two levels and 15 water-themed accessories. The table is blue with green legs, giving it the appearance of a pond or lake. The primary water is held on the bottom level, which is formed like a basin. The bottom has a sealed plug for easy draining and cleaning.

With a water wheel, bucket, and rubber duck, this bottom basin is the ideal height for toddlers to play alone. The top tier is a little higher, making it ideal for taller kids. This upper section is smaller and contains a series of holes that simulate rain. There’s also a hole where you may make a water maze. This water table is suitable for children aged 18 months to eight years. Get yours right here! 


Toddler Water Toys with Sprinklers!

Don’t you remember spending the whole summer running through the sprinklers in your backyard? I’m fairly sure our mother had us do it to clean up the popsicle mess, but I enjoyed it! My kids also like cooling down by going through the sprinklers, particularly now that there are gadgets to make it more more enjoyable. 

water toys for toddlers

Sprinkler Toys That We Love

Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler Toy by MeiGuiSha

This sprinkler is a rainbow with two clouds on the end that connect to a garden hose. It fills up, then water pours down from the rainbow, forming an arch for kids to run across and splash in. You may alter the way the water falls and sprays by changing the water pressure. This water play may be used alone or as a complement to any backyard pool. Because the minimal age for this toy is 6 months, it’s also a wonderful water toy for toddlers, making it a good investment for years of outdoor water enjoyment. Here’s how much it costs! 

water toys for toddlers!

Cactus Sprinkler by Sun Squad

This Cactus Sprinkler is based on the same principle as the Rainbow Sprinkler. Instead of water pouring from an arch, it splatters all over the place! It’s adorable, and I wouldn’t mind having it in my backyard for the whole summer. Take a look at it here.

Toddler-Friendly Splash Pads

The backyard splash pad, which is a circular plastic mat that connects to a garden hose, is another excellent twist on the sprinkler. The water pressure fills the mat and forces water through the mat’s perforations, resulting in a sprinkler effect. This water play is a simple way to amuse guests in the garden without taking up a lot of room. You could even store it in the garage or basement during the off-season. Splash pads are also excellent for utilizing with toddlers since they’re simple to put up and operate, making water fun for them safe.

Our Favorite Toddler Splash Pad

water toys for toddlers!

Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat by Splashin’Kids

The Splashin’Kids Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat is a fantastic splash pad choice. The 68-inch-diameter mat provides enough of space for several youngsters and family members to enjoy at the same time. The mat is yellow and has a fun duck pond motif in the middle with water, ducks, and a lilypad design. You may vary the way the water sprays by changing the hose pressure, and when you’re done, just disconnect and empty between usage. The suggested age for usage is 1 month and above, with 18 months to 6 years being the optimum range. Here’s where you can get the most up-to-date prices! 


Splash Park is a water park that is open to the

If your neighborhood lacks a splash park, create one in your own backyard! An inflatable splash park is one of the finest water toys for toddlers. For a private backyard waterpark, these toys combine the pleasure of inflatable pool floats with the splash element of a splash pad.


Intex’s Candy Zone

Intex’s Candy Zone is an inflatable pool featuring a central waterslide and a sprinkler system to keep the water flowing. For water toy enjoyment, there are two rails around the pool’s borders for rolling balls and inflated lollipops. This is a wonderful method to fight the heat while also providing cold water and entertaining busy kids. Because of the size and ability needed to slide and climb, the age range is 2 to 10 years. Get yours right here! 


Toddler Pools and Pool Water Toys!

A kiddie pool is the last and most traditional backyard water toy. These will keep your young one occupied for hours while they splash about! Make sure to keep a careful watch on your children once again. Even if these pools are tiny, there is always the danger of drowning when there is water around. 

If you have a pool that you’ll be visiting this summer, you’ll most likely need some pool toys to keep your toddler entertained. Some of our favorites, as well as our best kiddie pools, are included below.


Step 2: Pool with Play and Shade

The Step2 Play and Shade Pool is a shallow solid plastic pool for children aged 24 months to six years. The umbrella pole comes with attachments for playing in the water and producing a cascade, while the umbrella attachment provides shade for sun protection. There is a little bench in the pool. This is ideal for toddlers who need a stable foundation for sitting and playing. This toddler pool is an excellent option for something age-appropriate that will keep you cool and entertained while keeping you out of the sun. The following is the current price.  

water toys for toddlers

Sunny Patch Spark Shark Fish Hunt Pool Game by Melissa and Doug

If you’re a parent of a toddler, you’re undoubtedly acquainted with the song “Baby Shark Doo Doo.” You may now sing it together in the pool as well. In their new shark net, your child will have a blast scooping up all the fish! Get yours right now!


Pottery Barn’s Jungle Squirties

The prettiest tiny water-friendly toys are available. They may be played with in the bath or in the pool by your child! Take a look at that tiny hippo, isn’t he adorable? This is where you can get these creatures! 

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In the hot summer months, the best way to cool off is to play with water toys. Your toddler will absolutely love being able to run around in a swimsuit getting everyone around them wet. Check out our water and pool safety tips for toddlers to make sure you’re well prepared! #summer #watertoys #toddlers #toys

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