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You’re Good Enough, You’re Smart Enough, and You Deserve a Nice Bra or Two

by Vaibhav Sharda

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, especially when they’re pregnant. That’s why it’s so important to find and buy the best bra for you. However, the right type of bra can be tricky to find. Here are some tips and tricks to help you find the right bra for you.

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It’s a different time of year—and summer is here. Did you know that summer is the perfect time to buy a new bra? Why? Because of the fact that bras are the ideal garment for bralettes. You see, men have a natural aversion to wearing anything that exposes their chest. While many women have no problem with showing off their cleavage, men don’t. And we know that the bra is the perfect solution to the problem.

When I designate myself as the most fashion-forward of the Rookie Moms, I’m sure Heather would agree. I’m more engaged in pop culture, attracted to the latest trends, and ready to spend money on clothing. I’m also less inclined to leave the home without make-up on, and I’d never wear Teva sandals unless I’m going camping. Heather might wear these on any given weekday.

So I was surprised to see what was exposed when we peeled off our clothes in a communal changing room a few months back. Heather was wearing a well-fitting lace bra, whereas I was wearing a simple white bra that was once functional but is now sagging and cheap. I thought she looked amazing, and when I glanced in the mirror, I wondered what I had been thinking when I got ready.

I’d been out of nursing bras for at least six months, but I was still wearing what seemed to be standard issue at a boarding school or culinary academy, had they provided bras along with the white coats and chef hats.

The picture of my reflected self in the dressing room followed me around for the next week. My bras were suffocating me. I enjoy beautiful stuff, and I’m now wearing a pair of turquoise snakeskin antique shoes. T-shirts are refashioned into clothing for my children! This website’s visuals were created by myself!

Sigh. It’s all part of the identity dilemma that comes with becoming a mom. And this one got away from me. Without without realizing it, I’d let my bras go all post-menopausal.

I walked inside Victoria’s Secret and bought five sultry lace bras. I felt energized, powerful, and ready to take on the world. I wanted to remind all of my mom friends that they, too, should wear beautiful bras. When I went to Erin’s home, I confided in her.

I informed Erin about my epiphany, portraying myself as sad at first and then proudly removing my shirt and displaying my new hot pink lace bra.

Erin takes excellent care of herself, switching between workouts and massages in a way that no one else I know does. “Come in,” she murmured as she led me into her room. (Any males reading this may be feeling quite optimistic about the future.) Please accept my apologies.) She showed me two of the most basic off-white bras ever made when she opened her top drawer. “I recently bought myself some new bras, and this is what I chose. God! “What the hell is wrong with me?”

I could see Erin’s mind whirling, about to plunge into the same identity crisis I had just gone through.

I was motivated to write this article when she informed me that she has advised no fewer than three other ladies not to let their underwear buying standards go since that day.

Mamas, take this as a warning. When you’ve recovered from the bra-size-changing roller coaster of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’ll be time to treat the ladies to some new bras. Remember, just because you’re someone’s mother doesn’t mean you have to wear Amish-inspired underpants. Choose a hue, a pattern, and, dare I say, a lift. When I look in the mirror now, my new bras make me smile – and help me forget about the stretch marks.

To our knowledge, no one has written an actual post titled “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and you deserve a nice bra or two”. But the idea behind this blog is to share our tips when it comes to the most important thing in a women’s life: her bra.. Read more about best unlined bras for large breasts and let us know what you think.

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