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You’ll Totally Wear That Again: Prom Dress Becomes Princess Dress – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

We all have that one really cute prom dress that we wish we could wear again. While some of us might be able to wear the dress again, others might struggle to find a way to actually wear the dress. Why is this? Because the dress is too small and that’s why! Some people have issues getting into a large dress that is too small for their body, while other might have issues fitting into a dress that has many intricate details and decorations.

This prom dress just needs a little help to become a baby frock! You can do this!

Before you head to prom, you’d better get your dress on! Many prom dresses are ready to go after prom, but just because the dress is made for a certain price doesn’t mean you still look good in it.

Convert thrift store 80s prom gowns into princess outfits for your young fantasy lover, like my bloggy buddy Carrie, the creative supermom at This Mama Makes Stuff, did a few weeks ago on her blog.

To keep my children’s abundant dress up collection going, I always visit my children’s secondhand stores in the beginning of October and again after Halloween. Like Carrie, I’ve noticed that finding dress-up clothing for sizes over 4T is more difficult. This takes care of the issue.

If you reside in a high-priced region where thrift shop pricing aren’t really lower than big-box store prices (I’m looking at you, San Francisco! ), Please forward this idea to your mother-in-law who lives in a small town. It’ll be much great if she’ll also do the stitching.

Carrie probably took in the side seams and trimmed the hem and sleeves since she has crazy sewing abilities, but I’m sure a few raw edges wouldn’t bother most small kids.

Do any of you have bridesmaid gowns in your closet that you could use for a tea party with your daughter or niece?

It’s prom season, and if you’re wearing a prom dress, chances are you want to look your best. If you have a prom dress lying around, you might just want to wear it again, and again, and again. But when it comes to prom, it’s not just what you’ll wear, it’s also what you’ll do. Prom means having fun, and just like you, your little one wants to have fun too. Read more about camille la vie brooklyn and bailey and let us know what you think.

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