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Wonder Woman Costume Options for Babies and Toddlers – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

Wonder Woman costumes are quite popular for babies and toddlers these days. Unfortunately, the idea that your kid needs to wear a Wonder Woman costume comes from a place of ignorance. There is no science to support the claim that moms should dress their kids in Wonder Woman costumes so that they grow up to be superheroes. Over the years, we’ve all seen the strong bonds that are created between moms and their children. If that bond is going to be broken by a very specific character, it’s just not worth the risk.

Baby’s are so cute and adorable. They are so precious that we have to get them to wear costumes. We will look after the costume of the baby. Baby’s just like us need to look good because we will put them on the stage in front of their parents. We get the baby to feel that they are on the stage.

Wonder Woman is one of the most loved characters from DC Comics, and she’ll soon be in a whole new light when she stars in the highly anticipated solo film, Wonder Woman! If you couldn’t get enough of the iconic Amazonian warrior in her original film and TV series, then you’re going to want to snap up the new Wonder Woman Baby and Toddler costumes.

What better way to start your young girl on the road of courage in the world than by assisting her in dressing up as Wonder Woman?

Here are some helpful links to costumes at various pricing ranges and degrees of DIY expertise.

Let’s start with the baby outfit that you created yourself.

To get the appearance of the red top and blue briefs, just put a red t-shirt over a blue onesie. Primary.com sells plain, solid-colored clothing like the one shown above. To decorate the bottom, get a set of white star iron-ons.

I prefer to create cuffs, a crown, and a belt out of glitter adhesive paper, which is quite stiff, or whatever accessories your kid can bear. Michael’s sells it by the sheet for approximately $1 per piece. You must purchase a 10-sheet bundle from Amazon. Simply cut a strip for a cuff, removing the adhesive backing only on the portion you’ll connect to create a loop. To put it another way, don’t allow the paper cling to your infant completely. Add stars using a red Sharpie.

You’ll also need to cut out the WW symbol from the gold paper and adhere it on your child’s tee. Sticky-back felt is also suitable for this purpose, since it clings nicely to cotton and bends more easily in response to your baby’s movements.

This iron-on patch is available on Amazon.

Last year, I made a horn for a unicorn baby costume using that sparkly sticky gold paper.

It’s still handmade, but it’s not created by you.

Etsy has a plethora of homemade costumes, including Wonder Woman full-body outfits like this one.

source: Etsy shop APartyToRemember

If you’re looking at crocheted things and the price seems too good to be true, double-check that what you’re getting is the completed product, not a pattern to do it yourself.

This beautiful wig/beanie design costs $4.00.

If you just need a few parts of the outfit, Etsy vendor Posh Lily Couture allows you to pick and choose from the whole ensemble to just the crown and bracelets.

I simply want to add anything to my shopping basket.

Wonder Woman costumes for toddlers and above are readily accessible in stores. If you want to outfit a baby, go for something more like sleepwear or romper-style rather than a costume.

This onesie comes with a headband. Source >

Easiest possible, one click costume. Source >

This time, with long sleeves. Source >

Finally, your child will look like Wonder Woman in this gap.com bathingsuit, which she may also wear next summer.

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