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Pottery Barn Glider Review; Is the Wingback Swivel Glider & Recliner Worth It? – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

There are many different types of chairs on the market today. Some are designed for relaxing while others are designed to allow you to comfortably watch television, read or type on the computer. But one common feature that many of these chairs have in common is the ability to swivel. While it may make getting up comfortable at the end of the day, it also provides you with a unique, never-before-seen view of your living room. If you’re interested in learning more or want to add one of these chairs to your home, you should check out our review of the Pottery Barn’s Wingback Glider & Recliner.

With the holidays quickly approaching, one of the things that all the families are looking forward to is getting the kids a new bed. One of the largest, most common and most debated items on the market today is the glider or recliner. What are the pros, cons, benefits, disadvantages, etc. of a glider or recliner?

Pottery Barn is a popular home furnishings chain that features unique and high quality furniture. One of their most popular pieces is the glider recliner. Pottery Barn gliders are promoted as the ultimate in comfort and ease of use for those who want to relax in a recliner without having to worry about reclining their seat.

Check out our review of the Pottery Barn Glider, one of our favorite chairs!

A comfy chair is a must-have item in every nursery. Every new parent needs a place to sit in the baby’s room, whether it’s a rocker, recliner, or both. This is particularly true for nursing mothers who need a quiet environment in which to feed or pump their infant. It may seem difficult to find the ideal chair for you, but if you’re searching for the finest of the best, we’ve got it for you.

Enter the Wingback Swivel Glider and Recliner from Pottery Barn Kids. This chair is a one-stop shop! For a complete range of action, it fully reclines to a sleeping position, glides back and forth, and spins in full circles.

The Wingback Swivel Glider & Recliner; A Pottery Barn Glider Review

What We Appreciate

This luxurious reclining chair is overstuffed, highly cushioned, and has enough of shoulder and elbow room, making it ideal for new parents and nursing moms. The chair swivels and reclines quietly so as not to disturb a sleeping infant, and the reclining mechanisms are simple to reach (even for us short moms) and designed to be used while carrying a baby.

We appreciate how it swivels 360 degrees, glides like a rocker, and reclines so you can sleep in the baby’s room.

A Wide Range of Options

We couldn’t leave out the beautiful fabrics and hues in this Pottery Barn Glider review, could we? This chair is available in both manual and power recline, with the power version costing somewhat more. It’s available in five distinct fabric options:

  • Classic Twill is a woven solid cotton fabric with a silky feel that is available in three colors: white, navy, and gray.
  • Textured Weave: a textured fabric with elevated weaving that comes in 20 distinct hues (mostly shades of white, navy, tan, and gray but does have Blush, a pretty light pink).
  • Plan Weave is a densely woven fabric that comes in eight different white and gray colors.
  • Velvet is a velvety pile fabric with a smooth shine that comes in five colors: olive, silver gray, light pink, platinum, and ivory.
  • Aniline-dyed leather was used to create this piece. No pigmented finish coatings are applied after the full-grain or top-grain leathers are soaked in clear non-toxic dye. A tan, caramel hue is achieved by dyeing the skins and allowing the natural grain to shine through.

The price (which ranges from $1,299 to 2,199) and the time it takes to deliver the chair to you are determined on the fabric you choose. We recommend purchasing as soon as you’ve decided on your nursery decor, since most chairs take up to 10 weeks to arrive.


The craftsmanship and durability are important aspects of this Pottery Barn Glider Review. With a laminated wooden frame and steel springs for additional comfort and support, this chair is designed to endure. The tongue-and-groove joinery guarantees long-term durability and strength.

The electrical faceplates, power cables, and motors are covered by a three-year guarantee if you choose the power option.

All of the fabric choices are long-lasting and can be spot cleaned with upholstery cleaning or soap and water. If a serious stain does occur, there are machine washable slip covers available! This chair should serve you well for many years.

Is it Really Worth the Money?

Of course, no matter how positive our Pottery Barn Glider review is, one crucial question remains. How much does it cost?

The chair’s lowest starting price is $1,299, which for many people is a deal breaker. This chair, on the other hand, swivels, glides, and reclines softly and is built to endure. If you buy this for your first child’s nursery but intend to have additional children in the future, you won’t have to buy another one in 2-3 years since this one will still be in excellent condition.

The back of this chair is just over 3 feet tall, making it one of the larger nursery recliners available and ideal for taller parents. Its seat is almost two feet broad but also two and a half feet deep, allowing parents to sink deeper into the soft fabric.

You may be able to find a cheaper recliner or a rocker, but I doubt you’ll find one that does all three with this degree of comfort.

What Actual Parents Have to Say

See what other moms have to say about the Pottery Barn Glider.

*What to Expect.com community forums opinions/reviews

“My pottery barn swivel glider was by far the most costly purchase I made, and I have no regrets. I’ve been using it every day and night for the last seven years with all three of my children. From feedings in the middle of the night to hugs and reading a book before bed,” she says. AutumnSky002 AutumnSky002 AutumnSky002 AutumnSky002 Autumn

“I purchased the Pottery Barn Kids contemporary wingback glider. The chair is fantastic, however it took 13 weeks for me to get it.” Kinsey035 is a member of the Kinsey035 community.

“This glider and chair are my favorites. I bought it for my first child, who was born last year. It slides and reclines, which I really liked. It’ll be well worth it!!! My spouse also looks fantastic in it. “Perfect for tall people.” – kelsey246 – kelsey246 – kelsey

“We have a pottery barn kids swivel recliner. It’s fantastic! Our crib has bratt décor, which I already had since it was my firstborn’s.

The majority of our furniture comes from Pottery Barn, and I’ve always been pleased with the quality and customer service! I’m really enamored with the chair, and it’s quite comfortable.” –sburrows2013

“In our son’s nursery, we had the glider, and it was my favorite baby item!!! Since baby will share a room with older brother, we’re buying one that matches our living room furnishings and putting it out there!” –saraberry23

“I purchased my PBK contemporary glider during a 30 percent off sale and received an extra 10% off by using my PB credit card. It was the range of textiles available, but most significantly, the size, that drew me in. My spouse is over six feet tall, and I am tall and plus size. I didn’t want to rock my (probably large) newborn in a chair that seemed like it was about to shatter. It didn’t want anybody pinching my butt.

PB offers a number of excellent wide-back and higher-back options. It’s not a magical chair, but it seems to be durable and will serve as a good normal chair in his bedroom in the future. (Did I mention I previously cleaned the slipcover after my SIL tried out the chair and spilled breast milk on it? It also washed well.) –Jill Bjan

“I adore my pottery barn swivel glider chair; it is very comfy, and we use it on a daily basis. We didn’t buy it until my baby was around 8 months old, and we already had an ikea rocker since my husband didn’t believe it was worth it. He’s the first to eat his comments these days and confess he was wrong. This time, I’m really looking forward to having it from the start, particularly if this little one is anything like his brother and just likes to be held a lot at first.”

“So we went to the pottery barn kids shop and ordered a contemporary glider and chair. I spotted it online but contacted our local shop to check if it was in stock to see, and they insisted on us ordering via them since in-person store sales are down. We did so because they got us amazing deals and provided excellent customer service. Although the glider was backordered, I informed them that I wanted it before the baby came. They made it possible! It was fantastic and has lasted for over a year and a half, despite many milk/formula/pee stains! Still looks and performs admirably!” -Nellygnu

Here’s where you can get the Wingback Swivel Glider and Recliner.

For a reason, this chair is at the top of our list of the best nursery gliders. It is very comfy and long-lasting (which means you may use it for many kids!). We hope that our Pottery Barn Glider review of the Wingback Swivel Glider and Recliner has helped you narrow down your nursery furniture options!

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Pottery Barn, a well known home furnishings store, features a line of gliders that can help parents relax and enjoy their child. When you’re trying to get some sleep before your baby wakes up, the glider is the perfect piece of furniture to make sure you don’t roll over in your sleep and fall out of your bed.. Read more about pottery barn wingback swivel glider & recliner and let us know what you think.

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