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At What Age Should Your Kids Start Playing With Educational Toys?

by Stacie Watts

Even before kids stand on their own legs, they are familiarized with toys. They start playing with kids even before they remember. But there is a difference between playing with toys and playing with educational toys.

The brain activity and growth of kids will be at their peak during this age. So, giving them educational toys help their cognitive growth. But when should you start giving your child educational toys is one big question. This article speaks about the same in length to solve all your doubts.

It is important to ensure that you give your kids the right educational toys at the right age. Toyskingdom is a one-stop destination to buy educational toys with a perfect guide to decide which toys are good for your kids.

Right age to give your kids educational toys

• 1 to 12 months old

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The sensory ability of kids between one and twelve years of age will be at the peaks. As the child grows, the hand eye and brain coordination works very well.

Hence, you should introduce your kids to problem solving educational toys at this age. These toys familiarize them with cause and effort model and as they face challenges, it will help in bettering their abilities.

With trial and error methods, there is a lot of scope for kids to learn and apply their sensory growth. It fastens their cognitive and sensory growth.

For example, noise making toys, speakers, balls, blocks, and crawlers should be introduced to them at this age.

• 12 to 24 months:

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At this age, kids start becoming mobile. They start walking and moving slowly. You should give them mobility toys to teach them coordination between hands and legs and how to balance. For example, push cars, walkers, riding toys etc are a great choice to give your kids at this age.

Kids also start developing recognition and retention skills. So, mental educational toys like books, mobile phone toys, number sets, alphabet sets, and building sets make a good choice for them.

• 2+ years

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At 2+ years of age, kids start walking and half of their cognitive development reaches its full potential. Walkers, tricycles, counting and other educational toys, and books are best for this age-group of children.

You should involve them physically in different activities. Their motor skills grow at this age.

Hence, introduce them to colour books or building blocks. They start comprehending things at this age. Voice toys, imitation toys, and moving toys help your kids in furthering their efforts in honing their skills.


Introducing your kids to educational toys at the right age is an essential to help them in their cognitive growth. There is no perfect age to introduce your kids to educational toys. You can start as early as the first month of their birth.

If you are unaware about which toys to age and at what age, this guide helps you a lot. visit the site for perfect toys for your kids and contribute to their growth from a very young age.

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