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6 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Children’s Outfits

by Darinka Aleksic

Shopping is fun! But not when you’ve to buy clothes for your kids.

Everyone would agree that it’s not easy buying kid’s clothes, especially because they’re in their formative years. With their body growing every week coupled with their sensitive skin, there are several points to consider when choosing outfits for a child.

Since there is a range of clothes in a range of fabric and colors available in the market, one tends to get a little confused. When it happens, making the right choice becomes a challenging task. So, if you want your newborn to have the best and live the best life, we’ve listed a few critical points below to make the task a bit easier for you.

We hope you will keep the following nuances in check when picking outfits for your kid the next time you go out shopping.

1. Size


Keeping a check on the size of the cloth you’re buying is critical when it comes to kids. You wouldn’t want to invest in an item that is too tight or small for your child, or an item that is too big. Although it is recommended to purchase clothes of a larger size than actual, you must not exaggerate.

The outfit must neither over-hang your child’s body nor should it restrict their movement.

Also, avoid purchasing clothes according to the age tag on the item because all children are different. You might find a five-year-old both in healthy shape and obese shape. So, for a healthy one, you will buy according to their age, but for the obese one, you might have to size up a little. Thus, determining the correct size of outfits for a child is a difficult task for all parents.

2. Quality


When buying kid’s clothing, keeping a check on quality is one of the most crucial factors. If the material of the clothes is rough, uncomfortable, or picky, your child will develop rashes, and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

So, stay away from apparel with belts, buttons, zippers, bows, and ties. It’s better you dress a child in comfortable clothes, such as a t-shirt and shorts, or a backless romper. A company that keeps a check on safety would never incorporate discomforting fabric or items in its clothing designs.

If you’re a new parent, we advise you to go for cotton clothes as it is a breathable and comfortable fabric, both during summers and winters. You may choose clothes made out of natural fabrics to let the skin breathe. Although synthetic fiber is commonly used in clothing, it is not suitable for the skin. But it is justified as long as it does not come in direct contact with your toddler’s skin.

3. Color

You must be surprised to learn that color plays a critical role when choosing outfits for a kid. It is observed that bright-colored clothes often negatively affect the vision of newborns. So, always go for light or pastel colors: beige, apricot, peach, pistachio, rose, lilac, lavender, etc.

However, if you’re not buying clothes for a newborn, there are no color restrictions. Guided by your sense of style, you may pick any item you like, of any style. Always remember not to overdress them regardless of the occasion. Pick neutral and simple clothes to give your kid a cool look while making them feel cozy.

4. Practicality

It is always advised to invest in clothing that keeps its shape and color for a long time. It is so because children’s clothing is washed frequently, at least 2-3 times a day. You would never know when you might need a change of clothes with a child.

So, if you don’t want the item to lose its look after a couple of washes, choose clothes for the kid with seriousness. Learn about different brands in the market and their reviews. You may buy from a local store that you trust.

Note that the fabric of items made from polyester retains its color and shape for an extended period. However, it is not comfortable on a kid’s skin. So, stay away from it!

5. Convenience

When it comes to child’s clothing, convenience in dressing should always be kept in check. All new parents would agree that dressing and undressing a child is challenging. It is so because toddlers tend to wet or ruin their clothes often. Moreover, if their dress is too tight or made of harsh fabric, you might also have to deal with tears and tantrums.

So, always invest in an item that is simple to take on and off, making the process simple.

Besides, ideal clothing is the one that does not restrict your toddler’s movements and allows them to jump, walk, crawl, and run without any restrictions.

6.  Washability

No one would deny that handling a child is a full-time job, coupled with taking care of the rest of the house – cleaning, cooking, dressing, and developing new games to make your child eat. Due to all these activities, couples often have less time to wash their clothes.

That’s why we advise you to choose outfits that can be washed easily and maintain their quality for a long time.

To Sum Up


Once you become a parent, your world spins off the axiz and revolves around the new family member. You do everything to give your newborn the most comfortable life that you can. But since no one was born a perfect parent, it takes continuous effort and practice to get good at it. While you can take advice from your own parents, several companies are doing the same work to make parenting life simpler.

For becoming a considerate and responsible parent, it is crucial to provide your child with a comfortable and developing environment. However, keeping the above points in mind is also equally vital to give them the childhood they deserve. It can be easily manifested by giving them clothing that allows them to move freely and discover their abilities.

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