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Is it Safe To Use CBD Oil When Breastfeeding – 2024 Guide

by Nebojsa Vujinovic

CBD as an ingredient has many promising effects that would have a positive effect on a variety of conditions. In many countries around the world, cannabis is being decriminalized so that it can be grown for therapeutic purposes and supplied to producers as raw material, for oils, edible products, cosmetics, teas, and other controlled products. It’s a proven way to cope with some conditions like anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, nightmares, and being in a bad mood. It’s completely plant-based, and licensed products don’t contain THC, or it’s just in barely traceable amounts.

There are so many questions that still need to be answered, like using these products while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. It’s really controversial to claim that it’s safe to use, but at the same time, there is no scientific proof that it’s harmful. Also, there is no evidence that it’s beneficial too. So, maybe every woman who has a baby should treat her condition controlled by her doctor.

Theoretically, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are stressful moments, and a lot of mothers can use some CBD for anxiety, so they can calm down, clear their minds, relax and start thinking about how to adjust their lifestyle to the child’s needs.

However, Let’s Move On To the Question In The Title Of This Article – Is It Safe To Combine CBD Oils While The Mother Is Breastfeeding?

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Pregnancy and preparing for a new family member are sometimes exciting activities, but after birth, things change. Of course, the whole family, no matter what it is, gets a new dimension and way of functioning. But the woman who gave birth is the one who suffers the most upheavals.

Her hormones are still crazy, and breastfeeding further shakes them, as a lactation system is established, according to the needs of the baby. Even when it seems to be okay, in fact, those crazy hormones and the instinct of keeping the baby full and clean can worsen the postpartum phase, which for many mothers is a really horrible part of life.

They certainly love their newborn and think it’s best, but stress can cause a lot of problems, especially for self-esteem, self-image, and the ability to care for someone else who is powerless.

Many young parents already have the idea that CBD products can alleviate this postpartum phase at least a little. But is it safe?

CBD is the part that does not cause any psychotropic reactions. In the production of oils and other products, amounts of THC are removed from them.

What Do You Need To Know About Using Cannabis While Breastfeeding?

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It’s unfortunate that you can’t really get rid of the milk that contains CBD and THC, if you pump it, and throw it away. It doesn’t work like that for mother’s milk, because these substances stay in the body for a longer time than nicotine, for example. The THC quantities can affect the brain development of the baby.

When it comes to CBD, there is no evidence that there is positive and negative evidence. FDA is still collecting the needed data on this topic, so they can detect potential harmful effects or even benefits, so they can know what to do in the future.

All these things can show us that some amounts of CBD can still be found in the breastmilk, and some studies and research have shown it can slow down the reproductive system development in baby boys. Some studies show that the use of homemade oils can be potentially dangerous, especially if the plant or the product is contaminated with pesticides and bacteria.

Some clinical researches show that some levels of CBD may cause liver damage, or can interact with other drugs, and lower or boost their effect. Adults may cope with this nicely, but babies need even a trace of the substance, so they can react.

As we said, these ingredients can stay in the milk for days, so that means the mother will have to switch to formula for about a week, which is not really recommended if she has proper lactation and can feed her baby nicely.

All the cannabinoids are sticking to the fatty acids in the milk, and they stay there, no matter what the individual tolerance of the mother is.

If she needs to use a topical treatment, it also can have some effects, but much lower, since it doesn’t get into the bloodstream.

What Are The Potential Risks Of Using CBD While Breastfeeding?

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There are claims that CBD can boost baby’s appetite and they will eat better, but what you need to know is that they don’t really need that, since it’s not necessary to make them eat more. The risk for contamination is even bigger, especially with pesticides and heavy metals.

We don’t say it’s absolutely forbidden to consume CBD products while breastfeeding, but surely you must be cautious since there is a lack of evidence for both positive and negative effects it may have.

Postpartum anxiety and sleep deprivation are huge problems, but they can be resolved with prescription medicines that are proven to be safe for babies.

For example, talking to the therapist and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is a better choice, which can also be beneficial for the milk. A mother who is eating healthy has better quality milk, which is what the baby needs for proper development in the early stages of their life.


No matter what you have used before, once you have a baby you are responsible for, you must be careful with what you consume, from medication to food. Of course, do not ignore your postpartum problems and anxiety, but you should talk about it with your doctor, who will guide you to acceptable solutions, which in no way will affect the development of the baby. Being a parent is a big responsibility, so you need to act responsibly.

CBD products would be good to wait, at least until concrete information is obtained about their exact effect on breast milk.