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Wear something you normally wouldn’t – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

The first time I had to change a diaper on my own, I knew the diaper I was using was too large. But, I couldn’t remember the last time I changed a diaper on my own, so I just continued to wear the diaper. Needless to say, I looked like a fool, but luckily my daughter was a happy baby. I finally realized the problem was I was wearing a diaper that was too big. And, now I always change my own diapers.

As we get closer to the new baby, it’s really easy to start to fall in love with the baby clothes. When you wear the baby clothes you feel like you are the new mother and you look like the new mother. You feel the same about the baby diaper as you would if your own baby was wearing it. Most people who become pregnant develop a special bond with their baby and they love being a new mother. So when you are pregnant you tend to wear the baby items more than usual and you want to add a touch of your love for the baby into every day items.

Okay, enough with the yoga pants (yeah, they are the most comfy thing ever created), let’s try something new! Today is the day to go deep into your closet and find something you haven’t worn in a long time. Take some time to mix and match items you wouldn’t usually wear together. Alternatively, have some fun and put on something completely out of the ordinary. Mama, just have a good time!! I enjoy looking for ideas on Pinterest, and you’d be surprised at how many hidden treasures you have in your closet right now.

Wear Something (Activity #44)

Normally, You Wouldn’t

Activity #44- wear something you nomrally wouldn't. Rookie Moms Challenges. 52 weekly challenges to help new moms enjoy their first year of motherhood.

It’s easy to become lost in baby world as a new mom and lose sight of who you are. It’s nice to take a moment for yourself now and again and simply have some fun! Trying on clothing allows you to express yourself while still being enjoyable. Furthermore, you may discover some new items that you like.

Step 1:

Make a point of going through your closet and wardrobe. You’ll discover a slew of items that you had completely forgotten about. You’ll also come across items that you know you’ll never wear again. Put them in a bag and give them to someone who needs them. Now you’re being very productive as well!!

Step 2:

Now that you have a better sense of what you possess, it’s time to go over to Pinterest, where you should definitely follow us as well! On Pinterest, you’re looking for ensembles that include things you already possess but are worn in a new manner or stitched together with stuff you’d never thought to wear together. For example, I had no clue how many different ways a denim button up could be worn. Take a look-

Cute way to wear a denim shirt by alyannaclothing.com source

Cute look with denim shirt found on polyvore.source

Cute denim look found on https://www.jolynneshane.com/fashion-over-40-daily-mom-style-10-16-13.html source

Do you see what I’m getting at? There are many choices available. You have the option of dressing up or down. Then, with a fresh mindset, go to a coffee shop in your new digs, ready to tackle the day, or at the very least the next dirty diaper!!

Step 3:

Mama, give them a try!! Turn up the volume on your music and flaunt your moves in front of the mirror. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something even better than those yoga pants.

So, how do you intend to proceed? Have a favorite item but are looking for different ways to wear it? Maybe a dress that’s a bit edgy and requires a few accessories to finish it off? Pull it out and make it work, as Tim Gunn would say.

rookiemoms challenges for new moms

This is the 44th weekly task you’ve completed. Read through the remainder of our Rookie Moms challenges and finish them all!

It’s worth saving for later-

Activity #44- wear something you nomrally wouldn't. Rookie Moms Challenges. 52 weekly challenges to help new moms enjoy their first year of motherhood.

Wear something you normally wouldn't a #rookiemoms challenge

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