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How and Where to Take Baby to the Movie Theater – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

Babybeddingzone’s mission is to make life easier for mothers and babies. Our blog, Rookie Moms, is a place where new parents can get answers and share their stories. It’s also a place where new moms can ask questions and find the answers to assist with their day to day parenting.

The last time I took my baby to the movies, the usher asked us if I wanted to pick him up or put him down, but I had no idea what he meant. I had to ask him to explain, which I had to do twice, until finally he told me I had to bring him to the front of the line to hold him, or he would have to sit in his car seat and we would have to pay for two tickets. I wasn’t sure if this was normal theater procedure, but I figured I would just have to wing it.

When I was pregnant my husband and I never really thought about what we were going to do with our baby once it was born. What kind of entertainment would we provide, and what would the best place to take our daughter be? But, you know how it is, once the baby is here things change. We now have to take our little girl to the movies once a month, to the playground, and to various other places. But, what if we don’t have anyone to watch our child? Where and how do we get her out there?

Are there any movie theaters that are suitable for children? Please accept my request.

Showcase Cinemas in Perrysburg, OH presents Baby Pictures | The Blade/Dave Zapotosky

We adore our DVRs and streaming services, but we refuse to give up going to the movies. Did you know that certain movie theaters provide special screenings for new parents? The notion that your kid will not (most likely) be the loudest baby in the movie theater is the common thread that runs through all of these showings.

When Julian was 5 weeks old, I felt I was fairly amazing as I sat in a movie theater performing my first public nursing (without crying!). (This misled Heather, my 19-week-old escort, into believing that breastfeeding is simple.) During their first year, both of our firstborns were regulars at “Baby Brigade.”

Stroller matinees are a great way for new parents to get out of the house early. Crying is very OK.

This is your ninth rookie mom task of the week. Even if you can’t locate a mom and baby film in your neighborhood, take a chance on a matinée showing in the morning. While I was very pregnant with Scarlett, Heather and I took Milo to Knocked Up. Only one other person was at the theater when we saw the first performance of the day. Milo sat in his car seat for the most of the movie, and when he grew tired of it, Heather propped him up on her lap in front of the screen. The theater’s loudness is much louder than any grunting or fussing that small infants make.

All of this being said, you must exercise caution and clean up after yourself. Some theaters have begun to reduce the number of infant performances in favor of more relaxed all-ages events. We’ve compiled a list of the best mommy-baby movies we could locate.

Baby-friendly movie venues on the West Coast include:

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the trendy Kennedy School Movie Theater in Portland, Oregon, welcomes mothers and infants to the first showing for Mommy Matinee.
  • The Varsity Theater in Seattle, WA, features a soundproof “crying room” in the back of one of the theaters where parents may observe their children without bothering other moviegoers.
  • Bring your baby to the movies on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. at the Angelika Film Center for Crybaby Matinee or Thursdays at 11 a.m. at Reading Cinemas Town Square and Gaslamp.
  • Monday Morning Mommy Movies are held in the Grove, Culver City, Glendale, and Northridge every week at 11:00 a.m.
  • Mommy Movie Mondays are also held in the Krikorian chain in Monrovia, Buena Park, Downey, Redlands, and San Clemente.
  • For “Baby Brigade” screenings in the San Francisco Bay Area, go to The New Parkway in Oakland.
  • Diaper Days and Diaper Date Nights for new parents who wish to watch movies at Camera Cinemas in Campbell, CA have ended, although they may return in the Fall of 2017 when the new Pruneyard Dine-in Cinema opens.
  • Cry Baby Matinees are presumably held once a week at the Reading Cinemas Rohnert Park in Sonoma County, California.

Baby-friendly movie venues on the East Coast

  • On Wednesdays, City Cinemas on E. 86th Street in New York City welcomes infants.
  • Parents are invited to see “Silver Babies” at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, MD, once a month.
  • On Mondays at 11 a.m., the Mosaic in Fairfax, VA, hosts Cry Baby Matinees.
  • Cry Baby Matinees are held on Wednesdays at noon at the Angelika Film Center in Washington, DC.
  • Baby on Board movies are shown at the Roxy in Philadelphia on Wednesdays.
  • Every Monday afternoon in Arlington, MA, the Capitol Theatre shows a family-friendly film. Next door is an ice cream shop. At Cinema Salem in Salem, MA, mothers and infants may see movies on Monday mornings. The Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline offers special baby-friendly movies every two months.

More baby-friendly movie venues include:

  • On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, The Angelika encourages parents to bring their children to the movies.
  • Plano, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — On Thursday afternoons, the Angelika hosts Cry Baby Matinee.
  • On Thursdays at 11 a.m., the Broad Theater in New Orleans hosts BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby!) performances.
  • Many additional sites in the Consolidated Theater network, including Ward, Mililani, Pearlridge, Kapolei, Kahala Theatre, Koko Marina, and Ko’olau, offer crybaby movies for baby owners.
  • Cinemark Theatres used to have a thriving Mommy & Me show, but that seems to be on hiatus for now (you never know when a theater owner will have a baby and it will all seem like a good idea again)
  • Many baby-friendly movie showings are available at Village Cinemas in Australia.
  • I didn’t forget about you, Canada! Here’s a comprehensive list of theaters in Canada that provide “Stars and Strollers” programs, organized by province.

Plan B: Three alternative methods to bring baby to the movies without causing a ruckus in the cinema.

  1. AMC and Regal, two major theater companies, provide initiatives to help families with sensory problems enjoy movies. Because the music will be toned down a bit and the lights will be cranked up, these shows are also ideal for bringing infants. The movies, on the other hand, are family-friendly since these programs are aimed at children. If you want to attend a kid’s movie, don’t be afraid to bring your infant. You can bet that the four-year-olds in the crowd will be speaking louder than your kid. (Movies that are sensory-friendly)
  2. The drive-in, while few in number, is another option for seeing new films with a newborn in tow. You don’t even have to get out of the vehicle with the stroller! (Outside of Oakland, we adore ours.) One may be found in Atlanta!)
  3. BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) outdoor movie screenings. During the summer, several parks compete for your attention by showing free movies after dark. There will be a mix of classic and family-friendly flicks. There are hundreds of these free outdoor movies in our area of the Bay Area.

Have you ever brought your child to see a movie? Please let us know where you are!

Did you like it or despise it? Not quite ready to watch a film? Choose a challenge from a previous week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring a baby to a movie theater?

No, you cannot bring a baby to the theater.

What age can I take my baby to the movies?

You can take your baby to the movies at any age.

Are movie theaters too loud for babies?

I am not sure what you mean by too loud but if you are asking whether or not a movie theater is too loud for babies, the answer would be no.

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