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You’ll Totally Wear That Again: Laura Ingalls Costume – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

There is no denying the effectiveness of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series for readers of all ages. So many generations of women have been inspired by the wholesome virtues of Little House on the Prairie, and some have even made the journey from Little House on the Prairie to real life. The costumes are a big part of that.

Laura Ingalls’s story is a classic tale of a girl who turned a wilderness into a place to call home. Yet, this iconic story of “Little House on the Prairie” is not only about the prairie and the pioneers, but also about a mother’s love for her daughter and the survival of the family.

I used to be a huge Little House fan, and now that I know my online friend Molly lives on a farm and homeschools her kids, I imagine her house to be set around 1880.


When I asked Molly for a Halloween costume idea that consisted of clothing pieces that could be used again, she sent me to websites that were more up to date than my Facebook page.

I like her ideas, and I think that most young girls would get a lot of use out of them, whether for everyday use (cardigan and tights) or for dress-up (skirt and shoes) (apron and bonnet).

In one email, Molly revealed her sources:

  • Gingham frock (original one from mini-boden)
  • Olive Juice’s Penelope Cardigan (in caramel)
  • Thrift, ebay, and etsy are all good places to look for an apron. Obviously, there are a plethora of options available.
  • Amy Karol’s bonnet pattern is one of my favorites (angrychicken). It’s simple to put together. The one in the picture is from day-to-day activities.
  • Target’s cable knit tights
  • Boots were thrifted and purchased on eBay. (Someone informed me she got the Clark’s for 25 cents at a resale shop!)

Thank you for taking part in our “You’ll Definitely Wear That Again” Halloween series, Molly!


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Dottie’s cowgirl costume is one you’ll definitely wear again.

On BabyCenter.com, I have a reusable toddler railway engineer costume.

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