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Where to buy – or how to make – a Minions costume – Rookie Moms

by Vaibhav Sharda

There’s nothing more fun than a Minion costume for Halloween. Get a pair of black tights, a white bodysuit (or two), and that’s all you need to make your own Minion-themed costume. So what’s the problem with this costume? The Minions aren’t licensed merchandise, and no stores sell anything remotely close to what you’re looking to make.

According to the official Minions website , the Minions costumes will be available for sale in late November 2016. You can be sure to find plenty of Minions costumes for your little ones on Halloween, but if you’re looking for a Minion costume for Halloween 2016, you might want to wait until after Christmas. This year, Minions are being released in a new style, the Minion Rookies.

Everyone knows that Minions are universally adored (even when they give you nightmares), so it’s no surprise they’ve captured our attention in more ways than one. If you’re thinking of creating your very own Minion-inspired costume, it’s only natural to want to know where you can buy or make your own Minion costume.

Of course, a Minion costume for toddlers is available (here). No one wants to lose out on a chance to promote themselves. However, for those of you who want to earn your DIY merit badge, we recommend putting the components together yourself.

DIY Minion Costume

A Minions costume starts with blue overalls and a yellow t-shirt. Finish with a pair of costume glasses, or create your own out of pipe cleaners and aluminum foil.

But hold on! This outfit is completed with a yellow fleece beanie, which is warm enough for whatever late October brings.

Additionally, if your child is unlikely to wear the glasses on his or her face, try incorporating the spectacles into the hat.


  • Overalls in light blue: I like these on Amazon and these from Target.com.
  • Long-Sleeved Yellow Shirt: These Joe’s brand long-sleeved shirts come in every solid color you could possibly need for a costume.
  • Black fleece gloves: If your child has high accuracy requirements, keep in mind that Minions have black hands.
  • Minions costume glasses: these look great and are available from Amazon / these are a bit less expensive and are available at CostumeExpress.com.
  • Yellow hat: one-eyed or two-eyed simple fleece beanie/baseball hat-style (removes need for goggles)

Another Big Bite’s blogger did such an amazing job on both the hat and the instructions (use mason jar lids for the glasses!) that we all need to read it.


With this convenient store-bought beanie, even those who aren’t creative may “add to basket.”

Minions Hat

Alternatively, you could simply purchase the whole outfit.

Version for children (sizes 4-12)


Version for toddlers (sizes 2-4)

Minion costume for toddler



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