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Improving the Safety of Children With Portable Gps Trackers

by Marina Opacic

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic created global havoc, and businesses across industries were adversely affected. As situations around us are uncertain, and everything is shifting to remote work, keeping your family and loved ones safe is crucial. Hence, we need to take extra precautions to ensure their safety. While we depend on smartphones for everything, it is not always reliable, particularly in the case of children’s safety. That is when GPS trackers step in to improve the safety and Security of people and children at all times.

GPS technology is constantly developing with the advancements of IoT and the cloud. Personal safety GPS tracking systems can be instrumental in saving your kids’ lives and protecting them at risk. With such cutting-edge devices, parents can be less stressed about kids’ safety as well as have more time to relax. Besides the listen-in function allows parents to listen to how their kid’s day is going at any time. Ensuring they are not in trouble or in need of help.

However, if you’re assuming that GPS trackers are huge and heavy devices, then you’re wrong here. These smart and small location tracking devices are small, compact, and battery-powered portable devices. Parents can effortlessly place a small tracking device in kids’ backpacks or the pockets of their clothes. This helps parents to track the real-time location of children and alert the authorities in case of an emergency.

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For example, you’ll get to know where your kids are going, are stuck somewhere, or is there any emergency, etc. Parents can instantly track the location of their kids and ensure their safety. Portable tracking devices are small enough to fit inside a child’s pocket, or you can attach them to a lanyard, keychain, or belt clip to turn it into a wearable tracking device that will not interfere with the daily activities of a child. A child tracker weighs somewhere between 30 and 60 grams and it’s the size of a matchbox.

With the help of the Geofence feature, parents can set a perimeter around a specific location on the map. If the child goes beyond the set perimeter, alerts are sent to parents. For example, if you have set school as a perimeter, you’ll receive notification if the child is going somewhere else and not school or taking the wrong route to home. Moreover, parents will be notified if the child leaves the school premises and goes somewhere else. Perimeter alerts can come very handy for parents with autistic children as it is easier for criminals to involve children with autistic abilities in their sweet talks. So you can rest assured that they got to school safely or arrived home, even when you are stuck in a meeting at work and can’t keep an eye on them.

Parents can instantly take actionable steps to avoid any unpredictable situation. Similarly, the geofence feature will always send entry and exit information of the perimeter location. Parents are aware when the child is leaving school and coming home. Even while coming back, if there are any abrupt stops, parents will be notified about that too! Dual working parents can enjoy this feature as it can help them get peace of mind and give freedom to children who are still young for owning a smartphone.

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When looking for a GPS tracker for your child, search for an option that’s out of the way of your child’s daily routine and life.

Durability is another factor, as kids tend to play rough with other kids. An SOS button offers great peace of mind. Should they get into unexpected trouble, they will be able to alert you instantly, while geo boundary alerts are a godsend as you’re loosening the leash. Finally, long battery life is crucial, as the device is little more than dead weight if it loses power midday.

Nonetheless, children are inquisitive and like exploring new things and places. However, parents cannot always be physically present to help their kids avoid dangerous situations or go far away while playing. And with the increasing number of child abduction cases, parents are often worried about sending their kids to new places. While a GPS tracker can help parents avoid unforeseen situations, it can be very beneficial if at all an abduction occurs. GPS trackers have an SOS button that is highly instrumental in case of an emergency. With just one press of the SOS button, the tracker sends notifications of exact location and time to parents or other family members via SMS, email, or push notification on smartphones.

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Such alerts can help family members to take instant actions by informing the local police authorities and give them location details for faster recovery of the child, thus saving up much time in investigation and avoiding any possible dangerous situation. Small GPS tracking devices are the best solution for keeping an eye on kids’ whereabouts and viewing where they have been during the day.

These intelligent trackers are also helpful to ensure the safety of teens. By attaching a GPS tracker to the teen’s vehicle, parents can know all the details of their teens, such as unexpected stoppings, accidents, unusual routes, speeding, etc.

Parents can pinpoint their driving behaviour and avoid the chances of an accident.

However, many opine that tracking devices can curb children’s freedom as trackers can constantly send parents updates of the children’s whereabouts. However, the only objective of using such a device is to ensure children’s safety significantly
when crime rates are increasing. This one-of-a-kind smart device provides increased freedom and Security for your children. Moreover, one of the attractive benefits is that children can keep up with their daily routines, school and games.

So, what’s better than a GPS tracker to protect your children! Rewire Security offers parents great peace of mind in the form of a small (68 grams) tracking device for allowing parents to keep an eye on their kids in real-time.

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