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3 Tips for Adding Shades and Blinds to Your Baby’s Room

by Marija Jovanovic

Preparing and decorating a nursery room for your new baby is one of the most exciting things in life. In that beautiful and safe nursery room, you will share the most amazing moments with your baby that you will remember for the rest of your life. Many days of laugh, love, and affection you and your baby are going to share in that room. That is why it is important to style the room the way it will suit you and your baby. The style, as well as the safeness of the nursery set, are the two most important things you need to focus on.

However, the main point of the room is going to be the nursery window’s appearance. Parents want to make a new environment for the baby functional, safe, and comfortable. This means that it needs to provide peace to a baby and surroundings where the baby can sleep relaxed. In other words, the light should not be a thing that will disturb and upset your new baby. There is why you need to consider which type of window treatment is best for your baby’s room. We prepared the list of different blinds, so you can see which one would best suit the room.

Controlling Light in the baby’s room

If you ask any parents, they will tell you that sleep is the most crucial and vital thing for everyone. This means, both for the baby and parents. When the baby arrives, you are going to be so exhausted that sleep is going to be something you will crave for. Therefore, every baby’s room needs to keep the dark as long as possible, especially when the sun is bright. That is why you need to block the light on time, so it would not irritate both you and your baby. Theoretically speaking, when lights come into a room, it tells the baby that it is time to wake up, while the darkness helps the brain to think that it is time for sleep. Setting optimal light will be possible if you consider putting shades. What makes them so beneficial, is the fact that they are going to be helpful during daylights, especially in the summer months.

Why it is important to pay attention to which window treatment you choose?

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The most important thing why it is crucial to select the right window treatment is because of the safety of your baby. That is right, even though the comfort and good sleeping time are significant, the safety of your baby comes first. As a new parent, you need to understand that some window treatments can actually be a life-threatening danger for any infant. However, there are now many different child-proof window design ideas that you can choose from. It is recommendable to use child-proof blinds.

The window cover that you choose should have a child-friendly operation system. That is why you should not use some draperies that go to the floor because your baby can pull them down once she starts to crawl. Also, do not use tension rods, since they aren’t strong enough to hold up against any infant tugging. Despite that, you should not use curtains that include some embellishments or beading, since they can be a danger to kids.

If you consider adding shades and blinds, you will not only provide your baby comfortable sleeping, but you will also be relaxed and not worry whether there is a risk that something dangerous can happen. Also, adding shades and blinds will keep room temperature since the light would not come in and the nursery room can stay cool.

Tips for choosing different shades and blinds

1. Blackout Shades and Blinds

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If you are looking for inside-mount shades that could be combined with some short curtains, you can consider blackout shades. It will give the window a very elegant appearance. Blackout shades are for those parents who still want to keep curtains as an accessory to the room and at the same time keep the nursery room dark and cool. In that way, they will provide the baby with a comfortable nap time, while you can leave the perfectly styled interior for your taste. These shades also reflect the daytime heat, so the baby will not be irritated by the temperature. Blackout shades come in many colors and patterns, so you can find the design that will combine with overall room decoration.

2. Roman Shades and Blinds

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Roman shades are one of the most popular options when it comes to a baby’s room since they can be modified and adjusted to control the light and privacy. You can move them up and down thanks to the cordless assemblies, which makes them a perfect choice for the window treatment. Best of all is the fact that they come with a tailored appearance and parents can find them in a wide range of different patterns, designs, and fabrics. In that way, you can perfectly match them with your current room decor.

3. Cellular Shades and Blinds

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Cellular shades will offer you the opportunity to enjoy your privacy, while you still control the light in the baby’s room. They come with innovative honeycomb construction which will isolate the room and save energy. At the same time, with their cordless design, there is no risk of any dangers. You will be able to adjust and control the level of the cellular shades. This means that you can lower them from the top, or you can raise them from the bottom. In other words, you will have complete control over the light, temperature, and privacy of these shades. They are also available in various fabrics, designs, and colors, which will give you the chance to choose the level of opacity as well as style. For parents who still want to keep curtains in the room, you can choose window-length ones which will suit these shades in an elegant way.


There are truly so many different ways to add shades and blinds to your nursery room. In fact, with a wide selection of different choices, it can be hard to decide on one option. If you have trouble like this, it would be the best decision to research stores that sell blinds in NY and check out the products they are selling. Moreover, you can find many innovative options, and there is no way you will not find something for you too.

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